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Guilde des greeters

Portrait de Trekluver

New Greeters Anniversary Party!

Greetings everyone!

On December 1st, the New Greeters reached a special milestone: one year ago exactly, the guild came into being. Since then, we've grown, we've meet our struggles, and we've learned a lot of different things about each other and about this community.

In honor of one year of excellence, we're organizing an anniversary party to be held in the cavern. Please join us in the Guild of Greeters Hood on Saturday, December 15th at 18:00 KI Time (8:00 PM EST) and help us celebrate, GoNG style! See you all then!

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Guild of Greeters Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Décembre 15, 2012 - 18:00
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Portrait de Niysiechka

Второй выпуск "Пещерной почты" на русском!

После продолжительной работы второй выпуск "Пещерной почты" доступен на русском языке!

В этом номере мы немного расскажем вам о четырёх главных шардах URU, предложенных сообществом, и дадим пошаговые инструкции, помогающие найти и установить их. Также, Джонатан Майер представит свои взгляды на членство в гильдии Встречающих, и Allatwan возьмёт интервью у Хитер Ларкин о её творениях на тему Миста и других замечательных работах.  Её комикс "Мист - книга Атруса" можно найти на DeviantArt'е (в оригинале) и на А-комиксе (в русском переводе).

Nev'yn подведёт итоги произошедшего в январе, Ларри ЛеДэй напишет о своей работе фотографом живой природы Эпох URU (с большим количеством примеров!), а Ainia даст несколько хороших советов о том, как получить красивые снимки животных.

Взгляните на смешной комикс от Rhee и поломайте голову над кроссвордом NoorMax'а, вобщем вы получите битком набитый выпуск, который нельзя пропустить! Скачайте прямо сейчас!

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Significa! The Greeters' Quiz Show!

Come one come all to the greatest, and only, quiz show in the cavern, Significa, organized by the Guild of New Greeters!

Wear your Guild of Greeters shirt from Kirel to show your support and head on over to the Guild of Greeters Pub (found in the City Locations tab of the Nexus) for a night of questions that will test your meddle against your fellow explorers!

Questions will range from visual picture questions, history questions, family tree questions and much much more!

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Guild of Greeters Pub
Date de l'événement: 
Février 10, 2012 - 19:00
Portrait de Doobes

January 2012 All Guilds Meeting

Shorah!  Doobes here again with the latest from this year's first All Guilds Meeting, moderated by me this month!  Sadly, we hit Kirel's 50 person limit sometime in the middle of the meeting, so not everyone was able to attend.

Therefore, I bring a consolation prize in the form of a couple of chatlogs.  They come in two flavors as usual: raw and cleansed.

Guild of New Greeters

Making their second appearance at the AGM, the GoNG announced their first full fledged members: Trekluver, TomVal, Adamyst and Doobes.  They also mentioned their new website and wiki ( and that they are still accepting new members if anyone is interested.

The Open Cave

Making their first showing at the AGM was The Open Cave team.  The Open Cave is the name of their new shard that works much like the current MOULa shard, only with a lot of custom additions, such as pets that follow you around the Ages and even an all new version of the city called the "City of Dimensions".  They encouraged all to visit their site at to sign up and use their installer that will copy your current MOULa files into a new directory to modify them for TOC. Lire la suite

Portrait de Doobes

New Greeters Meeting

The New Greeters are ready to have their first public meeting!

After a lot of discussions on the MOUL Forums, the new group has had many developments and is now having its first meeting.  They will be voting on administrators, hiring liasons, and other things that will impact the future of the Guild.

Anyone can fact, it's encouraged! Explorers will be able to meet the current members of the Guild, as well as be able to sign up to be a New Greeter themselves if they so choose.

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Guild of Greeters' Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Décembre 20, 2011 - 12:00 - 14:00

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